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What We Do

We pride ourselves as being a marketing agency of thinkers AND do-ers. A team that will look at the bigger picture before diving into solutions.

Marketing mentoring

Not every SME has a marketing team. With our vast experience (and a few grey hairs) we are very well placed to help mentor your marketing manager or senior management team so that you make the right decisions about what you need to do that will save you team and help you make the most of your marketing budget.

Marketing strategy and planning

Think first, then act. We believe in understanding the issues before deciding on what to do. So we like to look under the bonnet to understand each client's specific issues.

Brand development

It's not just the logo and strapline! Finding out what makes your business tick. Then helping your organisation to ‘live and breathe’ your brand. Sure, it means what your web site looks like but it also incorporates how your staff interacts with your customers and suppliers.

Video to tell your story

It's now accepted that video makes great web content because, done well, it can tell a rich story quickly in a way that really engages with your audience. We produce great videos to inform, inspire and persuade.

B2B communications

Cutting through the traffic. Creating communications that stand out from the crowd and grab your business partners’ attention.

Media relations

Getting you the right coverage in the right places. We’ll put together a plan with ideas to interest journalists and generate positive coverage…and help minimize any negative coverage. It’s all about building and preserving your reputation.

Web design and e-communications

Making online mainline. We can help you work out how to exploit your online presence from structuring and providing rich SEO web content to developing e-mail, Remarketing and Adwords campaigns.

Internal communications

We specialise in building communications that inform, motivate and get your staff onside. Whether you number less than 20 employees or are a thousand or more strong, our unique methods ensure that your staff will believe in your decisions and help you implement them.

Reputation management

Influencing the influencers. We can formulate a programme of influence with the ability to manage it effectively so that the people that matter will back your ideas and decisions.