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Our Approach

Each job is an individual one

So we take a forensic approach to understanding your issues. Marketing CSI if you like! We’ll listen to the issues you face, the market environment in which you exist and the things you want to achieve. Then we’ll follow a process to work out exactly what‘s right for your business.

Proficient in the science of marketing communications

We believe a dash of process helps us understand your issues. We’ll formulate a framework within which we can unleash our creativity. So, it’s really a mixture of science AND art!

Well-structured, thorough and proven to work

We start at the top with strategy and then work from there till we nail down specific activities. As a specialist marketing agency, we specialise in doing the ‘thinking bit’ first before recommending a course of action or programme of activity.

Recommendations will be evidence-based and focused on delivering results

The oooc Marketing CSI approach:

  • Collect the evidence
  • Conduct forensic analysis
  • Draw conclusions
  • Test assumptions
  • Present the case to the client