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The Team

We like to be regarded as part of your team. We’ll share your aims. We’ll share your pressures and problems. And working with you we’ll share in your success. We’ll help you to achieve what you want to achieve. We want you to feel part of our team.


Rob Davies

A senior level marketing communications specialist with substantial experience in financial services, business-to-business and public sector marketing. Rob is a brand advocate who understands the importance of embedding it in an organisation and bringin it to life for staff and customers. He’s a wordsmith, a media relations expert, adman and media planner. He’s level-headed, passionate and articulate about communications.


Nick Lane

A dedicated marketing professional with many years experience in financial services, tourism, leisure and destination marketing.  He’s the man who can get things sorted. Well connected, he regularly pulls rabbits out of hats on behalf of clients. A team player with a hands-on approach to marketing communications, Nick gets results with his knack of getting everyone onside.

Keira Alwood

Keira Ridel

Having spent time in a number of top design agencies, working with some of the world’s most loved brands, Keira is a top creative designer who is motivated by an idea-led and emotive approach. She ‘gets’ the commercial reality of business and uses this understanding to drive her creative thoughts harder. She has the rare gift of being able to turn creative ideas into beautiful but effective designs. Two people rolled into one!

We play an active role in our community.



oneonone communications is a co-sponsor of this great charity that raises money to help fund sporting youngsters in Norfolk who have the potential for world class performance across a variety of sports. Through its programme of lunches featuring sporting greats as guest speakers, it raises thousands of pounds every year.

Visit the SportsAid Facebook page. 

Norfolk Network

As well as being an active member for a number of years, Rob is an Ambassador for the Network and is the media relations lead. Norfolk Network runs a programme of events with guest speakers to support and nurture innovation and creativity in Norfolk business.

Visit the Norfolk Network website.
 White Space  

White Space Design

oneonone communications provided pro bono brand and design resource to launch Norwich’s technology incubation hub. Rob and Keira came up with the name White Space Design and created the brand identity to launch it in January 2014.